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As we all mourn the passing of Graham Jenkins, the last surviving brother of film star Richard Burton and a great Welshman in his own right, we naturally recount moments when we might have met or been touched by such celebrity.JS78861923

In my case, I met Graham when I was working for an advertising agency, Creighton Griffiths, where as a young Account Handler I was given responsibility to handle the advertising and promotion of the famous Afon Lido, which Graham was then running on behalf of the Local Authority. His warmth to and tolerance of a youngster like me was significant and the long lunches which followed our regular meetings were legendary!

I kept in touch with Graham once he handed over responsibility to another of Port Talbot’s sons Gordon Davies and had the great pleasure of meeting up with him at the BBC Club in London following the editing of a TV commercial for the Wales Tourist Board. As we were about to catch our allocated train back to Cardiff, Graham insisted that we drop by ‘his local’ for another drink on the way to Paddington.

Duly taxis arrived and we followed Graham to ‘his local’, which turned out to be the Dorchester Hotel. We followed Graham into one of the bars where he ordered drinks and began to sing at the piano located there. After an hour or two I suddenly realised that the last train back to Cardiff would be leaving in 20 minutes and approached Graham to settle the bill, to which Graham said: “I thought you might be staying the night so I arranged for you to use Richard’s apartment which he has permanently reserved!”

Sadly I could not take up the offer but Graham insisted that we should not pay anything as it was going on Richard’s tab, which is how by default I had a few drinks on Richard Burton via his beloved brother, Jenks.

R.I.P. Graham, you were a star in your own right.

– Rob Petersen.

A Star for Burton

Posted: March 11, 2011 in Opinion
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By Rob Petersen, Managing Director

What a wonderfuol idea to launch a campaign to get a star installed on the Hollywood walk of Fame in memory of Richard Burton.

A campaign which will succeed I am sure as he was one of the greatest Welshmen ever to walk the stafe and film sets across the globe.

For some years I had the great privaledge of working with his brother Graham Jenkings who ran the famous Afam Lido in Port Talbot and learnt a great deal about his famous brother whilst we helped to promote the Afam Lido far and wide.

Well done to Dylan Jones Evans for coming up with the idea for this long overdue hunour and to the Principality Building Society, WRU and Western Mail for supporting the campaign.