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Like hundreds of thousands of Welsh sports fans at the weekend I watched the highs, lows and wonderful sporting moments given to us by our heroes of 2012 – from the superb Bluebirds to Warren Gatland’s rugby giants, and the superstar fighter Nathan Cleverly.

Caerphilly-born Nathan Cleverly celebrates his win over Tommy Karpency on Saturday

The rugby and football teams, together with Nathan and his backroom support, demonstrate how well-prepared, well-disciplined, passionate members of a Welsh team can out-perform opposition from anywhere in the world.

The media coverage of last weekend’s events beamed pictures and stories to millions around the globe, and no doubt many will ask again how this tiny nation in the Northern Hemisphere produces such successful sportsmen and women?

As we approach our annual St David’s Day let’s shout out loud and clear once again that Wales is different. I am delighted to read in today’s South Wales Echo that the Welsh Government will indeed by using the day to ‘showcase to the world the very best of what our country has to offer’.

Wales has a certain magic, that helps create great Welsh men and women. From the theatre, arts and business to sport, medicine and engineering, we continually produce excellence in every sphere.

Scott Williams' try took Wales to triumph against England at Twickenham

Well done Nathan, Sam and Mark, for being truly magnificent motivators and leaders of an inspiring group of young Welshmen who brought glory to the Welsh nation last weekend.

Let’s hope Team Wales can follow this sporting lead and start really selling Wales to the world.

'Superb' - The Bluebirds narrowly miss Carling Cup victory after 120 heroic minutes


I have read with great interest in the Western Mail today about the report by a cross-party committee of MP’s on inward investment into Wales.

This follows the findings of a report by Cardiff Business School earlier this month (which I discussed in an earlier blog post).

Neither report makes comfortable reading for all of  us in business who live in Wales and who would like to see a vibrant economic future for our country.

Much has been said about the importance of a strong Wales brand and the reintroduction of the WDA. As a marketing professional who once worked for an international marketing agency with clients including Coca Cola and General Motors among other great brands, I can only sympathise with the view that if a brand (i.e. the WDA) still has global recognition even after five years of non-promotion there is huge sense in relaunching it to a knowledgeable, “expectant” marketplace.

Why not create a new advisory panel of Wales’ most successful businesspeople to work with the private sector, politicians and civil servants to produce a clear inward investment strategy, with achievable aims, which everyone involved can work towards.

Relaunch the WDA brand not just in Cardiff or the new planned inward investment offices in London but in New York, Sydney, Munich, Paris, Toronto… the list goes on!

Wales has a huge amount to offer, even if our product needs “fine tuning” through improvements to our infrastructure – air, road, rail, et cetera. If we wait for all these improvements to be made the task will probably be too great to accomplish.

Let’s follow the lead of our magnificent rugby squad, whose example under coach Warren Gatland shows that with a clear strategy, discipline, and a great team, we can achieve great results.

Strategy, dedication and teamwork - let's follow our boys' example.

Good luck to them all in their quest for another GRAND SLAM (hopefully!) on the 17th of March – I’ll be there!