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Harriet has just joined our team on a 10 week GO Wales placement, having graduated with a 2.1 in English Literature from the University of Reading this summer. We asked Harriet to write a blog to introduce herself and let us know what attracted her to the world of PR!

harrietHaving graduated from Reading University this summer with a degree in English Literature I suddenly found that, for the first time in my life, I no longer had a path mapped out for me. Having not taken a vocational course there was no clear career that I was destined for and it was enough to leave me feeling more than a little overwhelmed! However, I was keen to explore a career path that would allow me to expand upon and utilise the skills that I had acquired during the completion of my course. This made PR and marketing seem like a good choice, especially as it would put to use both my written and communication skills. Despite this, my lack of previous experience within this field meant that finding a position was easier said than done! This is why I am so grateful for the GO Wales scheme for allowing this opportunity and I hope that I am able to gain some valuable skills and knowledge of how a PR company works, whilst also being a valuable member of the Petersen’s team during my time here.

I’m now half way through my first week at Petersen’s and despite still needing to find my feet in a few areas I am really starting to feel like part of the team. Everyone in the office is so friendly and welcoming and they have been careful to give me enough tasks to keep me busy but not to overwhelm me! So far, despite only being a few days in, I have already undertaken a variety of different tasks, writing a blog post for a client’s website and working on creating new content for a number of different social media outlets. I’m also very much looking forward to attending my first Cardiff Breakfast Club next week, as well as assisting in the massive preparations that are inevitably involved in organising such an event.

I am really looking forward to how much I am going to learn over the coming weeks, particularly since working with a small team will allow me to fully experience all aspects of the role. I shall check back soon and let you know how I am getting on!

Our latest GO Wales work taster student is Laura Watkins, who has been with us every Tuesday for the past few weeks! Here’s her blog about her experience so far…

Work taster graduate Laura Watkins

My name is Laura and I’m a recent graduate from Cardiff University’s school of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies.

Being a very focused individual, I started the job search immediately after my last lecture at Cardiff.   The process was fairly monotonous, (as many job hunters my age will only be too aware of!): getting up early, searching job websites, emailing employers, sending my CV around etc.  I had been used to getting ‘yeses’ prior to the job search so receiving rejection emails was new and, if I’m honest, a bit scary!  Finally little bits and pieces began coming through for me: I started presenting my own radio show at Neville Hall Hospital and began volunteering at the Cardiff Story Museum.  However, the world of PR was something I was yet to experience so I decided to extend my job search to include ‘PR and marketing’.  I was searching the Go Wales website and an advert from Petersens popped up looking for a graduate interested in PR.  I had applied for many jobs, some that I didn’t even really fancy, but something about Petersen’s advert really stood out to me.  After doing a bit of background research, I knew straight away that Petersens was a company that was not only highly thought of, but could offer me what I was looking for.  The fact that Petersens is a relatively small company also attracted me; personally I enjoy working as part of a smaller group of people and felt they could offer me that kind of working environment.  I applied for the post, and a few weeks later I received an email from Sally, saying I had been shortlisted for an interview!

This was my first job interview so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I arrived at Petersens on the day, feeling a little nervous, but keeping my mantra in mind: “if it’s not meant to be, then it won’t happen,” a saying that has got me through a lot of challenges in the job hunt!  I was invited into the office by Sally who introduced me to Rob and Louise.  They were all very nice and I immediately felt at ease, which was great.  I felt the interview went well, and was pleased that I hadn’t been asked any tough questions I hadn’t prepared for!

I had a phone call the next day from Rob who told me that unfortunately I wasn’t successful in gaining the work placement, however would I be interested in having a ‘work taster’ with Petersens, spread out over a few weeks.  Rob explained that he felt I would benefit from gaining experience in PR and believed a work taster would be a good way for me to do this.  This was great news and just shows the level of care that Petersens have for its employees, confirming my pre-conceived ideas about the company.  The following day Helen from Go Wales contacted me to set up a meeting to discuss dates and times of the work taster, which brings us to today!  This is my fourth week at the company, and I’m gaining a valuable insight into the world of PR.  I’ve written press releases, created media lists, conducted research, the list is endless.  I really feel that I am gaining priceless experience in a small company that is committed to providing an excellent service in a big way.  I would definitely recommend work experience at Petersens to anyone looking into pursuing a career in PR, and for all those job hunters out there: just try your best and something positive will come from all your hard work, or as my mother says, “You reap what you sow!”