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This week our latest GO Wales work placement student, Eira Jepson, started a 10 week internship with us at Petersens. We invited her to write a blog post to introduce herself!…

On graduating from Cardiff University, with a BA in French and Spanish, this summer I’m not ashamed to say that I had little or no idea as to where life was going to take me.  Being a graduate proved as disconcerting as everyone had forewarned; for the first time in my life, and despite having spent time gallivanting round countries on gap and sandwich years, my time wasn’t structured and full-time education would not be welcoming me back with open arms come September. Luckily however, and in the nick of time, an exciting alternative came along in the shape of Petersens.

When I say I had no idea about my future, that’s not the say that I didn’t have hopes and aspirations.  My decision to study French and Spanish at university was based not only on my love for those languages, their countries and their cultures, but also on my overall interest in language use and communication, and it was always my aim to find a career with the scope to develop and use that interest.  PR and Communications seemed the obvious choice as it provided the diverse, busy environment that I was looking for, while offering the opportunity to use my writing skills and explore language the way I always wanted to.

I’m now three days into my 10 week placement and I already feel at home among the coverage books and cups of tea.  Sally and Louise have been extremely welcoming, and already have me reading up on clients, researching media and, evidently, updating the Petersens blog! I’m now looking forward to becoming more involved in forthcoming projects, writing my first press release, and of course having my first taste of Cardiff Breakfast Club in the upcoming weeks. I feel privileged to have been given the opportunity of an internship in an agency as reputable as Petersens who have provided me with that all important, first step on the professional ladder.