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First Minister Carwyn Jones calls to ‘rebrand and refresh’ Cardiff Airport

Having returned from a week’s relaxing holiday in one of Europe’s most beautiful countries Spain, whose citizens are really finding their economic situation dire, I was really pleased to read in today’s Western Mail of our First Minister’s statement yesterday.

He acknowledged the need to attract foreign investment and grow trade if Wales is to succeed on the world stage.  As a long-term supporter of our local airport, I was particularly pleased to hear of the plan to ‘rebrand and refresh’ Cardiff Airport in a bid to attract more passengers.   Perhaps this initiative may excite the Airport’s Spanish owner to come up with some additional funds to support any Public Sector initiative by our Welsh Government.

I am afraid I used Bristol Airport last week even though I had to get up at 2:30am to catch the early flight to Malaga.  So I would welcome a direct flight from Cardiff to Malaga for a few extra hours in bed before my next trip to refresh my body and soul at my favourite yoga retreat.


At last our First Minister Carwyn Jones has taken the initiative on a vital part of the region’s infrastructure – our airport.

Come fly with us: Carwyn Jones stated he believes Cardiff Airport can surpass Bristol, its closest rival.

I read in the Western Mail yesterday of his desire to form a stakeholder group of interested parties to look at the future of Cardiff Airport, which he believes does have the potential to overtake its nearest rival, Bristol.

Without a truly international airport in Cardiff, those attempting to bring new inward investment and more tourism to Wales are really up against it.

Lets up that Carwyn’s group meets quickly and develops a strategy which can deliver real results. Well done, Carwyn, and good luck!