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Cardiff City Stadium

Cardiff City Stadium

As we eagerly await our Cardiff Bluebirds’ first season in the Premier Division, how very wise of Edwina Hart and her team at the Welsh Government to sponsor the club next season through advertising boards at the stadium with Visit Wales branding.


The worldwide audience for Premier football matches is huge, and any opportunity for Wales to be promoted is to be welcomed and applauded.

We all wish Cardiff, Swansea, Wrexham and newly promoted Newport Football Club great success in their various divisions and championships over the next season.

I finish with the sad note that one of my heroines, Marilyn Monroe, passed away on 5th August 1962.  A true icon of the cinema screen and a personality who can never be replaced.

Cardiff City owner Vincent Tan celebrates on the pitch

Cardiff City owner Vincent Tan celebrates on the pitch

Sometimes a city needs some good fortune. Without doubt the success of our wonderful Bluebirds in reaching the football Premiership will as Councillor Russell Goodway says in today’s South Wales Echo put Cardiff ‘on the global map’.

The Bluebirds have been so close to achieving this dream over recent years, and have at last done so through excellent management, investment by the new owners, and the dedication, belief and talent of the squad themselves.

The opportunity that this news provides all those involved in promotion of the city must be grasped, and a strategy put in place to maximise the profile which has suddenly been given to the city.

Very well done to all the managers, the team, back room staff, directors and investors, who have made it happen!

cardiff cityThere will only be one place to be in Cardiff this evening; the Cardiff Stadium as our City team take on Charlton Athletic to gain that crucial one point to take them into the Premier League.

As Swansea has shown, the economic benefit for Cardiff could be truly immense, as well as placing us on the global map.

I read in today’s South Wales Echo that Professor Tom Cannon estimates City’s promotion would generate up to an additional 5000 jobs and a £120 million bonanza for Cardiff!!  What a wonderful prospect for the capital and its residents.

Good luck Cardiff, we are backing you all the way! Pob lwc Caerdydd!