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Cardiff City owner Vincent Tan celebrates on the pitch

Cardiff City owner Vincent Tan celebrates on the pitch

Sometimes a city needs some good fortune. Without doubt the success of our wonderful Bluebirds in reaching the football Premiership will as Councillor Russell Goodway says in today’s South Wales Echo put Cardiff ‘on the global map’.

The Bluebirds have been so close to achieving this dream over recent years, and have at last done so through excellent management, investment by the new owners, and the dedication, belief and talent of the squad themselves.

The opportunity that this news provides all those involved in promotion of the city must be grasped, and a strategy put in place to maximise the profile which has suddenly been given to the city.

Very well done to all the managers, the team, back room staff, directors and investors, who have made it happen!

Like hundreds of thousands of Welsh sports fans at the weekend I watched the highs, lows and wonderful sporting moments given to us by our heroes of 2012 – from the superb Bluebirds to Warren Gatland’s rugby giants, and the superstar fighter Nathan Cleverly.

Caerphilly-born Nathan Cleverly celebrates his win over Tommy Karpency on Saturday

The rugby and football teams, together with Nathan and his backroom support, demonstrate how well-prepared, well-disciplined, passionate members of a Welsh team can out-perform opposition from anywhere in the world.

The media coverage of last weekend’s events beamed pictures and stories to millions around the globe, and no doubt many will ask again how this tiny nation in the Northern Hemisphere produces such successful sportsmen and women?

As we approach our annual St David’s Day let’s shout out loud and clear once again that Wales is different. I am delighted to read in today’s South Wales Echo that the Welsh Government will indeed by using the day to ‘showcase to the world the very best of what our country has to offer’.

Wales has a certain magic, that helps create great Welsh men and women. From the theatre, arts and business to sport, medicine and engineering, we continually produce excellence in every sphere.

Scott Williams' try took Wales to triumph against England at Twickenham

Well done Nathan, Sam and Mark, for being truly magnificent motivators and leaders of an inspiring group of young Welshmen who brought glory to the Welsh nation last weekend.

Let’s hope Team Wales can follow this sporting lead and start really selling Wales to the world.

'Superb' - The Bluebirds narrowly miss Carling Cup victory after 120 heroic minutes