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As a Cardiffian, I was delighted to read in the South Wales Echo today the news that Cardiff has been given the opportunity to host four matches in the 2020 Euro Championships.


After the success of the city hosting the UEFA Champions League final between Real Madrid and Juventus at the Principality Stadium, and the plans for improved transport linked such as the rail station at St Mellons, the city has a real chance of winning the vote on the 7th December.

The benefits to the city and region could be as much as the French Bordeaux experienced when hosting games in the 2016 championship, which raised over £100 million for the region.

I wish Alan Hamer and the rest of the FAW preparing the bid all the success, with best wishes for winning such submission.

Anna’s Experience at Petersens

Posted: November 10, 2017 in Uncategorized

My name is Anna Dutton and I am a second-year undergraduate at Cardiff University. Alongside my studies I felt that work experience was a valuable insight into the world of work after I graduate. Spending some time with Petersens has been an interesting way of exploring the industry and experiencing a working environment.

anna for blog

As this was only the second time I’ve ever done work experience, I chose to do my experience with Petersens as I liked the fact it was a smaller company. After reading about the company, I liked the set-up of helping a network of clients and helping them achieve their goals.

Over the past four days I have been given a series of tasks and objectives to complete. These have included: scheduling and planning social media posts on behalf of clients; writing blogs and articles; researching clients; creating databases and recording press coverage for clients. I have found them interesting as before I didn’t fully understand the role of a PR company- after completing these tasks I am now more aware.

This experience has taught me that the world of work is quite different to that of University. It has furthered my prioritising skills and provided a new environment for me to work in. I have learnt that work experience is necessary to find future jobs and I will carry this experience forward when I apply for jobs after I graduate.

I would like to conclude this blog by thanking the staff at Petersens for having me over the last few days. I’ve really enjoyed my time here and wish everyone luck with their future endeavours!

One of our Account Executives, Phoebe, recently went to see The Revlon Girl at The Riverfront Theatre in Newport. Here she shares her thoughts on the play…


Though based on the events surrounding the Aberfan disaster, The Revlon Girl is a play that focuses on much more than the tragedy itself. It bravely and triumphantly shines a light on our fragile human condition and innate ability to push through hardship at the toughest of times.

The performance began with sound effects of the tip tumbling down and the slush caving in on the former coal mining village of Aberfan. Immediately drawn to the impact the fall had upon the community, I prepared myself for what I thought was about to be a pretty upsetting play. And it was, at times, but under the guidance of Neil Docking’s script and Maxine Evans’s direction, all four of the superb actresses did a magnificent job at flickering between emotions and transforming the atmosphere of the room from sadness to happiness and tears into laughter. Despite the incredibly tough subject matter, The Revlon Girl must be commended for its success in informing the audience whilst remaining light-hearted and enjoyable.

Whilst sitting in the audience I felt as though I was a part of something, a community, a tight-knit friendship group. The bare and stripped-back stage drew your attention to the actresses themselves which, along with the dim flicker of light, made you feel as though you were a fly on the wall listening to the women inside the confines of their small room. Although it was an intense watch, over the short space of an hour and a half you went on a journey with the characters and felt completely and utterly immersed in their emotions.

I went along to the showing with my grandma, auntie and two of her friends all of whom remember the Aberfan disaster “as if it was yesterday!”. Though we varied in age from 21 to 84, we were all mesmerised from start to finish and thought the play was a fantastic way to commemorate the disaster’s 50th anniversary. The Revlon Girl is a play that entwines together the past and the present, and reminds a modern day audience why we should always reflect upon historical events to unravel and understand different communities.

The Revlon Girl stops touring around Wales on the 22nd October 2016. To find out more information about the play, please go to 

Phoebe image 2.JPGNo one really prepares you for university finishing and believe me it’s incredibly daunting.  I studied Journalism, Media and English Literature at Cardiff University and always thought I wanted to be a journalist. After completing my second year I began to panic about having little work experience so I decided to stay in Cardiff to try and gain some. I ended up volunteering at George Thomas Hospice Care and Horn Development Association as well as completing a week at Buzz Magazine. Although these three organisations were all very different, they taught me that there were a number of jobs I could do outside of journalism if I was interested in working for the media and communication industry.

I also managed to secure a Marketing Internship at the university’s Student Support and Wellbeing Service throughout my third year. During this placement I thoroughly enjoyed the creative aspect of branding and campaigns so began looking into graduate opportunities in PR and marketing. Now that I’m at Petersens I’m really looking forward to my next three months and am keen to learn a lot more about how a PR agency works. It’s only my second day but everyone here has been incredibly friendly and I feel completely at ease.

Like many other graduates I’m still not completely sure where I want to be in ten years time but the more experience I gain the more I’m gaining a clearer picture. Although finishing university is scary I am beginning to realise it’s also extremely exciting and full of new opportunities.

I found a recent article by journalist Polly Phillips in last weekend’s Sunday Telegraph absolutely fascinating, and thought it might possibly contain some useful advice for how we in the UK can become a happier nation.

As we say farewell to a typical wet, windy diet-obsessed January, Polly explained how the Danes ignore the annual fasting to create our ‘perfect’ bodies and enjoy living as they have done for centuries. You can see young and IMG_2189old Danes alike plunging naked into the icy seas around the coast in mid winter and enjoying pastries whenever they want to!

A recent study by the University of Zurich sheds some light on the reasons for such a carefree approach to living. Apparently, Danes are conditioned from a young age not to feel shame. A mere 1.62% of the population suffer from gelotophobia (a fear of ridicule), the lowest figure of any country surveyed. Britain topped the charts with 13%! Danish children do not grow up paralysed by the fear of being laughed at as we do. While we might spend hours locked in gyms on treadmills, the Danes spend hours outside, biking, hiking and swimming – often in the nude (no one is at all worried by the sight of naked bodies as we would be in the UK!).

If you look deeper you can see how different Danes are from the reserved American and British citizen. From communal showers and baths to women’s liberation in the 1960s, Danish society really does accept a different way of life, and perhaps starting at a very young age there is an acceptance that if the rules say you go naked into the showers then this is what you do.

It seems to me that this accepted way of life must contribute to the Danes being one of the world’s happiest nations. Acceptance of who we are naked or clothed and following accepted rules made by society is not a bad way to live.

Is there a lesson here for us Brits, who sadly appear much further down in this league of ‘happiest’ nations?

– Rob Petersen.

As we all mourn the passing of Graham Jenkins, the last surviving brother of film star Richard Burton and a great Welshman in his own right, we naturally recount moments when we might have met or been touched by such celebrity.JS78861923

In my case, I met Graham when I was working for an advertising agency, Creighton Griffiths, where as a young Account Handler I was given responsibility to handle the advertising and promotion of the famous Afon Lido, which Graham was then running on behalf of the Local Authority. His warmth to and tolerance of a youngster like me was significant and the long lunches which followed our regular meetings were legendary!

I kept in touch with Graham once he handed over responsibility to another of Port Talbot’s sons Gordon Davies and had the great pleasure of meeting up with him at the BBC Club in London following the editing of a TV commercial for the Wales Tourist Board. As we were about to catch our allocated train back to Cardiff, Graham insisted that we drop by ‘his local’ for another drink on the way to Paddington.

Duly taxis arrived and we followed Graham to ‘his local’, which turned out to be the Dorchester Hotel. We followed Graham into one of the bars where he ordered drinks and began to sing at the piano located there. After an hour or two I suddenly realised that the last train back to Cardiff would be leaving in 20 minutes and approached Graham to settle the bill, to which Graham said: “I thought you might be staying the night so I arranged for you to use Richard’s apartment which he has permanently reserved!”

Sadly I could not take up the offer but Graham insisted that we should not pay anything as it was going on Richard’s tab, which is how by default I had a few drinks on Richard Burton via his beloved brother, Jenks.

R.I.P. Graham, you were a star in your own right.

– Rob Petersen.

We have all been touched and horrified by the hundreds of images shown on broadcast and social media over the last week covering the events in Paris, as well as the frightening verbal accounts of some of the survivors.peace-for-paris-hed-2015

The terrorists who planned, and then implemented the various acts of brutal killings and bomb blasts are obviously well financed and must be part of a strategy by ISIL to deliver terror and fear into, not just French citizens, but all Europeans of whatever country or political leanings.

While retaliation is an understandable and necessary action to halt further atrocities on such a scale, I am concerned that until the young, vulnerable and disenchanted youths of so many counries are reunited with basic human values of what is good, beneficial and constructive in those countries such tragic events will continue.

If these indoctrinated, marginalised  young terrorists find that their actions do not spread chaos, panic and financial disorder as they are designed to do then their current strategy will have failed.

This is why we all as Europeans must show solidarity and support all those affected by last weekend’s horror in Paris, and work together to eliminate both the funders of these terrorists and the terrorist recruitment cells across the world.

Vive la France, Vive la Europe.

Rob Petersen.

While we are all aware of the magnificent plans for Callaghan square announced some months ago, how exciting it was to be reminded of them at yesterday’s DTZ Outlook 2015 review at St David’s Hotel and Spa.

Proposed new BBC HQ building

Proposed new BBC HQ building

Additionally, the project for the central rail and bus station area is equally impressive and of great significance to those visitors including tourists, business people and crucial inward investors who in years to come will alight from high-speed trains and walk through a dramatic new transport interchange, including a redevelopment of Cardiff Central Station and relocated bus station complex. They will then be greeted outside by a modern and stunning array of carefully designed new buildings including a hotel, apartments, offices etc.

Design for new Cardiff Central Station

Design for new Cardiff Central Station


At last Cardiff will have a central area worthy of its status as a European Capital City. I look forward to the completion of all these announced projects and to the benefits they will bring to not just Cardiff but the region and Wales as a whole.

Our latest taster student, Kristina Salmane, has just joined us in the Petersens office. She has written a blog to introduce herself and explain why she wants to work in PR…

kristinaSince I was a child I enjoyed writing stories, taking part in organising different family events and meeting new people. I was curious and enjoyed learning new things.  Therefore, later on a career in Public Relations has proven to be the right choice for me. I have recently graduated from Riga International School of Economics and Business Administration with a BSc (Hons) in Public Relations and Advertisement Management and am currently a postgraduate Public Relations student in the University of South Wales.

Public Relations is not just a career for me, it’s my passion. It’s exciting, vibrant and never the same. Moreover, Public Relations gives me the opportunity to make a positive impact on society by promoting worthy businesses. During my undergraduate degree I have noticed a growing interest in online Public Relations, and after a couple of internships I have been lucky enough to work as a social media project manager with Vivax Communications Group. However, I wanted to learn more and further my professional skill set beyond the new media environment and work among other PR professionals. That is how I learned about work experience positions with Petersens PR. I’m now on my first day and I have already had the chance to work on press release creation. The first day at a new place can be stressful, but that is not the case with the Petersens team. You can feel the friendly and welcoming atmosphere from the minute you walk into their office. Therefore, I am very excited for the next weeks to come and get my hands on as many tasks as possible.

During my work experience with Petersens I hope to put my knowledge into practice, utilizing various PR tactics, and learn more from these talented PR professionals.

Jon Horne, Chief Executive, Cardiff Airport

Jon Horne, Chief Executive, Cardiff Airport

Pleased to read about the increase in usage at our local airport. Well done to Jon Horne and his team!

It proves that once carriers are persuaded to come to Cardiff and offer flights which the public want, passenger numbers will increase. Let us hope that with further support from the Welsh Government, long haul flights could become a reality – a must if we are to be taken seriously as an international destination.