Anna’s Experience at Petersens

Posted: November 10, 2017 in Uncategorized

My name is Anna Dutton and I am a second-year undergraduate at Cardiff University. Alongside my studies I felt that work experience was a valuable insight into the world of work after I graduate. Spending some time with Petersens has been an interesting way of exploring the industry and experiencing a working environment.

anna for blog

As this was only the second time I’ve ever done work experience, I chose to do my experience with Petersens as I liked the fact it was a smaller company. After reading about the company, I liked the set-up of helping a network of clients and helping them achieve their goals.

Over the past four days I have been given a series of tasks and objectives to complete. These have included: scheduling and planning social media posts on behalf of clients; writing blogs and articles; researching clients; creating databases and recording press coverage for clients. I have found them interesting as before I didn’t fully understand the role of a PR company- after completing these tasks I am now more aware.

This experience has taught me that the world of work is quite different to that of University. It has furthered my prioritising skills and provided a new environment for me to work in. I have learnt that work experience is necessary to find future jobs and I will carry this experience forward when I apply for jobs after I graduate.

I would like to conclude this blog by thanking the staff at Petersens for having me over the last few days. I’ve really enjoyed my time here and wish everyone luck with their future endeavours!

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