Phoebe joins Petersens

Posted: June 14, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Phoebe image 2.JPGNo one really prepares you for university finishing and believe me it’s incredibly daunting.  I studied Journalism, Media and English Literature at Cardiff University and always thought I wanted to be a journalist. After completing my second year I began to panic about having little work experience so I decided to stay in Cardiff to try and gain some. I ended up volunteering at George Thomas Hospice Care and Horn Development Association as well as completing a week at Buzz Magazine. Although these three organisations were all very different, they taught me that there were a number of jobs I could do outside of journalism if I was interested in working for the media and communication industry.

I also managed to secure a Marketing Internship at the university’s Student Support and Wellbeing Service throughout my third year. During this placement I thoroughly enjoyed the creative aspect of branding and campaigns so began looking into graduate opportunities in PR and marketing. Now that I’m at Petersens I’m really looking forward to my next three months and am keen to learn a lot more about how a PR agency works. It’s only my second day but everyone here has been incredibly friendly and I feel completely at ease.

Like many other graduates I’m still not completely sure where I want to be in ten years time but the more experience I gain the more I’m gaining a clearer picture. Although finishing university is scary I am beginning to realise it’s also extremely exciting and full of new opportunities.

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