One in four young children in Wales are now overweight – action must be taken now!

Posted: May 19, 2015 in Opinion
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family-bikingAs the latest figures show, more than a quarter of Welsh school leavers are overweight or obese, as reported in today’s Western Mail. However, it is most concerning to see that these figures when further broken down illustrate a disparity between affluent and deprived areas of Wales. For example, fewer than 9% of children in the Vale of Glamorgan were obese, while 17% of 4/5 year olds in Merthyr Tydfil were obese.

As mentioned in the comment section of the Western Mail today, unless these problems are faced by families, retailers, Health Authorities, local and central government, the situation will only get worse. Healthy eating, together with modest exercise can have a significant effect on individuals was well as the wider community in which we live.

A solution might be for all parties to be represented in a summit style meeting hosted by the Welsh Government to agree a strategy and timetable for action, otherwise the problem will get worse and the implication for future generations extremely worrying.

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