A cry for help from our youngsters in the Valleys?

Posted: April 21, 2015 in Opinion
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fireAs Carolyn Hitt outlined in her excellent article in the Western Mail on Saturday, it is frankly despairing to read of, and see, the blackened hillsides of our beautiful mountain. Deliberately started it appears by youngsters, these fires are destroying a landscape and causing huge disruption and cost to the Valleys communities.

Not only are these arsonists risking their lives in starting these fires, they could well affect others and lives could be lost if these annual events cannot be stopped.

Carolyn makes an important point however, in her discussion with youth workers in that for many young people, the Valleys are seen as a pretty prison! A report in 2011 underlined the reasons that youngsters might start these fires; i.e. boredom, acts of rebellion, mental health issues and lack of prospects. Perhaps therefore, the underlying reason could be a genuine cry for help from a disaffected and ignored section of our population who really should be helped to create a love and respect for their countryside and community. A tall order, but one which really should be on the political agenda for action.

Rob Petersen, MD

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