Why our politicians must engage with our younger generation

Posted: March 12, 2015 in Business/Cardiff News
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While we shall see the sophisticated online and media campaigns mounted by all parties intensify as we approach the election in May, I am very concerned about the lack of interest shown by our younger generation in politics and the importance of exercising their right to vote. I therefore agree with Martin Shipton’s article in today’s Western Mail.

I am not an expert but it looks as if the emphasis on campaigning will be to the core older age groups who have historically been the main voters in elections. How much time and effort can the parties bring to influence a reluctant and disinterested young voter? I doubt much before May.election

Yet surely for the sake of the nation’s future, young people must be encouraged to vote and examples highlighted to demonstrate how decisions made in both Cardiff Bay, Westminster and currently Brussels can affect their futures.

As demonstrated yesterday, the vote taken by MPs to introduce plain packaging for cigarettes will have a massive effect on the health of the nation in the future. If we did not vote for our MPs, such decisions might not be taken.

Young people must be engaged more by all politicians, using all modern digital and other platforms, with relevant content to excite and motivate such an important sector of our population.

I urge all parties to produce clear, measurable strategies to ensure that our voters of tomorrow really do see the importance of exercising their vote. Many millions have died around the world for the privilege of doing so, we must never forget.

Perhaps there is some hope when we hear of young Welshman Theo Davies-Lewis, who is campaigning for a Youth Assembly in Wales. I hope that all AMs would support such an initiative – well done Theo.

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