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As Abbie Wightwick highlighted in her excellent article in today’s Western Mail, as we approach the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz it is the duty of the current generation to ensure that we pass on the story of the suffering and horror which the Holocaust produced.Auschwitz

I remember years ago driving twice a day past the gates of the Dachau Concentration Camp, as I prepared to go training for an international rowing event near Munich. A feeling of great sadness and fear would come over me as I passed what had been a terrifying camp for thousands of inmates housed there in the Second World War. Some friends had the courage to visit the camp and came back traumatised by the experience.

We must do all in our power to continue to ensure that the story of the inhumanity inflicted upon the Jewish Nation and countless others must never be allowed to be repeated or forgotten in the future.

At our first Breakfast Club of the New Year, we were joined by Rhys Herbert, Senior Economist for Lloyds Bank. Rhys works in the Economics Research Department for Lloyds, where he is responsible for analysing and forecasting trends in a number of the major G10 economies.

Global Output ImprovingRhys began his presentation to the Club by stating his prediction that we should “see this as a year that UK interest rates will start to turn around.” Since the recession, interest rates have been incredibly low but as the economy recovers, interest rates should increase alongside it. Rhys says that a key question that needs to be asked on the topic is “Should interest rates still be at the emergency levels they were at during the recession?” He commented that this is even more relevant in the US, since interest rates there are currently even lower than the UK, although they are expected to rise again this year.

Since the recession in 2009, the UK has seen a very hesitant recovery. However, the recent fall in oil prices is a key factor in the UK’s future recovery. Oil prices are currently at slightly more than pre-recession levels but significantly less than at any other point since then which is helping to bolster the economy.

Rhys also explained that he doesn’t see disinflation as a huge concern for either the UK or the US. The US is generally similar to the UK with a slightly hesitant recovery initially but their economy is now doing quite well. By contrast, the overall level of output in the Euro area remains low and inflation there is currently so low that deflation is more of a concern.

Rhys continued by explaining that UK inflation figures have fallen sharply over the past few months which would make it difficult at present to increase interest rates. However, the current domestic situation does point to good inflation ahead and we could perhaps expect a rise in interest rates towards the end of this year.

Rhys also noted the relevance of UK politics to economic forecasting with the upcoming General Election in May.  He explained that as the political situation in the UK is currently unusually uncertain, it is Welsh Economy Undeperformingdifficult to make economic predictions for immediately post election.

Concluding his presentation with a focus on Wales, Rhys said that the Welsh economy is recovering much more slowly than the UK as a whole. He also made reference an over-reliance on the public sector and a need for more investment in the private sector.

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hbz-marilyn-monroe-01-7z0lrV-promo-xlnHow wonderful to see yesterday’s report that after 53 years since iconic Marilyn passed away, Max Factor have announced that she is to be their ‘global glamour ambassador’ for 2015 and will star in the advertising campaign.

Those who know me will well understand my delight at hearing that my idol of the screen has once again been recognised as the icon for female beauty by the world famous brand. She has ‘the ultimate look which defies glamour – nothing else compares’ as a spokesman for Max Factor confirms.

This news will give the ‘Marilyn brand’ a massive boost and is richly deserved.