Matthew’s Petersens experience

Posted: December 9, 2014 in work experience
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As the GO Wales programme comes to an end, our latest, and sadly final, GO Wales placement student Matthew has now completed his 10 week placement with us. Here’s what he thought of his Petersens work taster…

Matthew NorrisMy first blog for Petersens identified my passion for communicating ideas, messages and interacting with others. Needless to say, that is what I have had the pleasure of doing over the past eight weeks. Every project I completed presented a new challenge to overcome, with a rewarding end result.

I have gained incredible value through my experience at Petersens and have enjoyed implementing my academic learning into practice. Gaining the opportunity to develop new skills that can be used in a wide array of applications is a terrific expansion to my existing knowledge.

Coming from a corporate background has allowed me to appreciate the different perspective you gain working with an entrepreneurial spirited business. Having access to all business levels within an arms reach creates a different exchange of information complimented by an open concept office. My enjoyment of working with Petersens has far extended beyond the projects, as a large part of the joy that stems from the work is the amazing people, and the strong family environment that Petersens promotes. I have felt welcome from beginning to end and have been part of a team that fosters development and presents the opportunity every week to complete work that is integral to the clients business needs.

My favourite deliverables have been press release creation, marketing strategy and event planning. Seeing a project you have worked on integrated into print and online channels, or included into a clients business strategy is a great feeling.

As I continue on my academic journey I will look back favourably on my time at Petersens.  I have been provided constructive feedback throughout my time with the Petersens team, which has been a great support in my development, whilst also providing a more robust understanding of the communications industry in the UK and Wales.

As you can tell, I would highly recommend any eager student looking to grow their knowledge of public relations and communications to seek out practical work experience opportunities. If you’re fortunate enough, you might even get the chance to work with a team as incredible as Petersens PR.

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