Beware if you are using your mobile phone, the Ad man cometh!!

Posted: November 12, 2014 in Advertising, Opinion
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For a marketing man who started his working life in the media department of an advertising agency, digesting media readers’ life figures from long surveys, I was fascinated to read of how sophisticated the media buyers’ world has now become.

The phrase ‘Out of Home’ may be well-known to a number of ad people but Rob's blog imagethe ‘average’ member of our population (if there is one!) would not have a clue as to its meaning. Let me enlighten you. Out of Home refers to all opportunities that Ad people have to sell or inform you about products or services from the moment you leave home.

Some key facts:

“Consumers spend 25% more time out of their homes that 10 years ago”

“18 hours is the average time working adults spend travelling each week”

So from the moment you close your front door you are a potential target for the specialist OOH Ad man! From posters, in papers, on books, radio or anywhere where potential consumers travel they could be after you! Beware if you use your mobile as they can immediately locate you and then target you to promote specific shops/restaurants/bars etc for your consideration. This is done with such a degree of accuracy that the recipient of such messages can be targeting using visual, sound or even smell and is given relevant information about products and services they were more likely to need; rather than large print advertisements where a large percentage of readers may be totally unsuited for any messages aimed at them.

I believe that with such precise targeting of messages in the future there will be less wastage in promotion budgets and the consumer ultimately will benefit from relevant messages delivered via OOH media channels at no cost to the consumer.

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