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nato_wales_summit_square_logoAs we prepare to welcome the 60 plus world leaders and their advisers to this vitally important conference, as citizens of Cardiff and Wales we must embrace the event wholeheartedly.

While the disruption to daily life in Cardiff over recent days and into the next week has been huge and will no doubt get worse, the long term benefits to Cardiff and the Capital Region will be immense. Just imagine the costs to buy advertising across the world to promote Cardiff and Wales to millions across the globe. Without doubt, this will give the area huge worldwide profile and the long term benefits will far outweigh the considerable costs to host the event, and the traffic disruption involved.

NATO 1Let’s hope that our leaders show vision and leadership on the significant global issues we face and come out with some solutions and actions to end conflict and starvation throughout the world.

If real policies and positive action result from next week’s debate, would it not be wonderful for the history books to state that the Wales NATO conference of 2014 really did see the dawn of a new, better world. Wishful thinking maybe, but as Steve Jobs famously said: “Everyone here now has the sense that right now is one of those moments when we are influencing the future.” Let’s hope the world leaders really do take this to heart and deliver some meaningful resolutions next week.

Team Wales at Glasgow 2014 Opening Ceremony

Team Wales at Glasgow 2014 Opening Ceremony

I wholeheartedly agree with Sion Barry’s comments in today’s Western Mail that we should bid for hosting the 2026 Commonwealth Games. Can you imagine the worldwide publicity that could be achieved from the day the city is chosen as host, right through the actual event and years afterwards, as the benefits derived from the Games are realised.

Yes, the cost would be huge. But the infrastructure projects which would be needed to be put in place before the Games could start would benefit our economy both in the short and long term.

Cardiff and Wales would get a tremendous buzz before, during and after the Games. The feel good factor that Sion refers

Road cyclist Geraint Thomas wins Gold for Wales at Glasgow 2014

Road cyclist Geraint Thomas wins Gold for Wales at Glasgow 2014

to would be a huge boost to those promoting participation in sport, raising the aspirations of our young and mature athletes to new heights. Our ‘Welcome to Wales’ theme could be enhanced and promoted around the world.

I recall as a youngster when Cardiff hosted the Commonwealth Games in 1958 when 35 nations sent just 1130 athletes that the city was alive and buzzing, and we gave a great welcome to our visitors.  Glasgow have just hosted the best ever Games and will benefit for decades to come.

Let’s hope that the sports administrators, the business community, politicians and forward thinkers in our city accept the challenge and go for Gold in 2026. Also a final request from a rower who represented Wales a number of times; please put rowing back on the programme for 2026!