The new M4 Relief Road investment is crucial for the future prosperity of Wales

Posted: July 17, 2014 in Business/Cardiff News, Opinion
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second-severn-crossing-1Often as I cross the wonderful 2nd Severn Bridge and see the welcome to Wales sign, I feel a sense of pride and passion to be returning home. Indeed, I believe many people coming across the bridge for the first time will be greatly impressed by this first impression of Wales.

Sadly, for our first time visitor, the welcome can turn sour as they join a queue sometimes resulting in 10/15 minutes delay getting into Wales at the toll booth. As they journey on towards Newport, too often traffic slows to a snail’s pace as there can be a significant delay at the infamous Newport tunnels. With luck our visitors can be on their way and can get to their Welsh destination without further delay.

relief roadHaving been involved in numerous campaigns to attract investment and tourism to Wales over a number of decades, fast transport links are always high on the check list of investors considering future investment. The investment market continues to be very competitive and therefore I welcomed yesterday’s news by Edwina Hart of the Welsh Government’s decision to invest in a new M4 relief road. I am not an expert on transport issues or forecasting traffic numbers in decades ahead and cannot comment on the option chosen, but I strongly believe that improvement in our transport network is to be welcomed and must be implemented as soon as possible to secure future investment for Wales.

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