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Nigel Roberts, Chairman of Cardiff Business Council

Nigel Roberts, Chairman of Cardiff Business Council

I really do applaud the initiative of the Chariman of Cardiff Business Council, Nigel Roberts for writing to 15 leading Scottish companies promoting Wales as a relocation option if the Yes vote goes ahead, as reported in today’s Western Mail. It is this sort of strategy which will help to promote the Capital region to some very large organisations who might be looking to relocate or expand their operation from Scotland.

If this is the start of other such initiatives to promote our Capital region, I am really excited to be a member of the Cardiff Business Council and look forward to further excellent ideas coming from the Council.

Well done Nigel and the team!

second-severn-crossing-1Often as I cross the wonderful 2nd Severn Bridge and see the welcome to Wales sign, I feel a sense of pride and passion to be returning home. Indeed, I believe many people coming across the bridge for the first time will be greatly impressed by this first impression of Wales.

Sadly, for our first time visitor, the welcome can turn sour as they join a queue sometimes resulting in 10/15 minutes delay getting into Wales at the toll booth. As they journey on towards Newport, too often traffic slows to a snail’s pace as there can be a significant delay at the infamous Newport tunnels. With luck our visitors can be on their way and can get to their Welsh destination without further delay.

relief roadHaving been involved in numerous campaigns to attract investment and tourism to Wales over a number of decades, fast transport links are always high on the check list of investors considering future investment. The investment market continues to be very competitive and therefore I welcomed yesterday’s news by Edwina Hart of the Welsh Government’s decision to invest in a new M4 relief road. I am not an expert on transport issues or forecasting traffic numbers in decades ahead and cannot comment on the option chosen, but I strongly believe that improvement in our transport network is to be welcomed and must be implemented as soon as possible to secure future investment for Wales.

GO Wales logoOur latest GO Wales Taster student, Holly, joined us yesterday for the first day of her 8 week placement. We asked her to write a blog to introduce herself, and give us her first impressions of the world of PR!

Having just finished my second year of university and enduring a 3 hour statistics exam in the process, I felt relieved and excited at the prospect of a long summer ahead. However, after celebrating the end of exams, inevitably the wave of anxiety came and the thought of going into final year with little idea of what path I wanted to take materialised.

Holly JonesAfter studying Psychology at the University of Exeter for two years I have gained a broad knowledge of how and why people behave (as well as the more unexciting biological and mathematical elements of my course!) and having always had a keen interest in business I felt that these skills could easily transfer to a marketing or PR profession.  Despite my new found enthusiasm for business, I felt that I needed to trial these areas before applying to graduate jobs/ schemes in order to see if PR was as captivating as ‘Sex and the City’ made it out to be.

As a result of my motivation to not waste my summer and think ahead, I got in touch with GO Wales who kindly sent me in the direction of Petersens. Before applying I researched the company and found the emphasis on a small friendly company appealing, in contrast to the larger corporate PR firms which I feel lose their sincerity. After successfully attaining a ‘work taster’ with Petersens I arrived bright and early, and was introduced to the company who welcomed me extremely warmly. Having just come back from a holiday in Greece all my prior research on PR had sadly been forgotten amongst the excitement, however Eira and Susannah explained the basics of PR to me and their insight furthered my understanding substantially.

Over the past years I have worked in many restaurants, hotels and retail outlets and can honestly say my first day at work has never been so friendly and I look forward to the upcoming weeks with the hopes of this experience helping me decide whether PR is what I will focus my efforts after I graduate (fingers crossed!).