What wonderful news for our Capital City – BBC HQ to relocate to the centre of Cardiff

Posted: June 11, 2014 in Business/Cardiff News, Opinion
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How many times have visitors to the Capital been totally underwhelmed by the site which greets them as they depart the Central Rail Station – a landscape of bus stops, taxis and a row of tired looking shops.

BBC Wales HQTo hear the news that the BBC Wales HQ will move to replace the current bus station must be magic for those promoting the Capital for inward investment, such as the Cardiff Business Council, as well as our visitors from other parts of the UK and abroad.

I understand that a modern, well designed, attractive, high-tech building is planned. As Sion Barry comments in today’s Western Mail , all those involved in the process should be congratulated, including Rhodri Talfan Davies, Councillor Russell Goodway and of course the developer Rightacres. With the plans in process for improved transport links throughout the city, this is a truly excellent piece of news and will make all citizens of the Capital proud of their city centre.

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