Cardiff European Capital of Sport 2014 – A best kept secret maybe? Is anyone aware of this award to our City?

Posted: June 5, 2014 in Business/Cardiff News, Opinion
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Jack Petersen competing

Jack Petersen competing

I certainly was not aware of the City’s award as the European Capital of Sport (ECOS) until recently when asked to provide some information and material for an ECOS ‘Local Sporting Hero’ presentation as a tribute to one of our capital’s greatest sportsmen born in the city – my father the famous boxer and proud Cardiffian, Jack Petersen.

Sadly I was unable to attend the event at the Royal British Legion in Whitchurch last week. However, three members of my family did attend at short notice which increased the audience to 15 people. I understand it was a well prepared presentation on my father’s remarkable career and his many links to Cardiff.

It is difficult to regard the evening as a tribute to my father when there was very limited publicity to the event. Notwithstanding my personal interest in the evening I have to wonder what the whole purpose of ECOS is.

It seems to me that here we are nearly half way through 2014 and very little publicity has been given about this significant European Award apparently to the City’s “local administration and sports departments.”  As this annual award was made to Cardiff for 2014, we should be exploiting every opportunity to capitalise on it, not just to the citizens of Cardiff with initiatives such as the excellent local hero’s programme referred to earlier, but also throughout the UK and Europe to further raise our profile as a Capital City.

We recently saw a successful launch of the Cardiff Business Council and the unveiling of a model costing £160,000 to illustrate our City’s  exciting development now and in the future. Should there not be closer strategic ties between all those different agencies and organisations promoting our Capital City, be it  sport, business, health, tourism, investment etc to ensure that Cardiff as a Capital City exploits its Capital status and capitalises on a prestigious international award such as ECOS when given?

I am sure that my father, who was passionate about the City and his upbringing in it and who during his life served as a City Councillor, as well as Vice chairman of the Sports Council for Wales and Chairman of the National Sports Centre, would want Cardiff as European Capital of Sport 2014 to be seen as a model example of how a modern, young Capital City creates “policies and infrastructure to enhance the health and well being of its citizens” now and in the future.

Let’s not allow this significant award to just become another missed opportunity.

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