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As we celebrate the homecoming of the GB’s record breaking Winter Olympian from Russia, we recognise the wonderful live media coverage during and after the Games.  I wonder how different the media coverage might have been during and after probably one of the greatest boxing contests ever staged in the world.

Muhammed Ali

Muhammed Ali

As Dan O’Neill stated in yesterday’s South Wales Echo, more than 30,000 people in South Wales got out of their beds at 3.30am on the 25th February 1964 to listen to the World Heavyweight Boxing Championship.  The young 22 year old Olympian Cassius Clay took on the current Champion, Mob fixer and ex convict Sonny Liston and came out famously victorious.

Clay won convincingly and with this, a new sporting legend Muhammad Ali (as Clay became known) was born. Interestingly, recently released FBI documents do indicate the possibility of the fight being ‘fixed’ by a Mafia member and Las Vegas gambler.

Lizzy Yarnold, Olympic Gold Medalist, Skeleton

Lizzy Yarnold, Olympic Gold Medalist, Skeleton

However, in my humble opinion, Ali showed the world his remarkable skills by losing and then later regaining the World crown to establish his reputation as the ‘GREATEST’.  Let’s hope some of the new young heroes and heroines from Sochi can emulate Ali and become sporting role models for the future generations…

Unlike today, there was no social media in 1964, just good old radio, cinema and television. So just imagine the worldwide coverage that the Clay/Liston fight would have generated in 2014. Ali would have had a field day with millions of followers on his Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn account, even more so than the Beckhams, Rooneys and other ‘superstars’ of today!


Our latest GO Wales Taster student Katie has come to the end of her 10 week placement with us. We asked her to write a blog about her experience at Petersens…

katieI sadly said goodbye to the good people of Petersens today after finishing my placement, and what a ten weeks it has been! Before I started at Petersens, I had very limited experience of working in a PR agency and I am very happy that my first proper experience was here.

Thinking about what I will take away from the experience, there were the obvious answers. Writing publishable press releases for real clients and compiling media lists will definitely benefit me in my future PR ventures. Reading through tenders and meeting schedules and sometimes joining in myself have been new experiences for me and have contributed to a more rounded knowledge of PR.  I have also overcome proper challenges here. Speaking on the phone has always been something I have struggled with in the past, mainly because I get nervous and mix my words and  get worried about coming across as unprofessional. I now feel more confident to talk to media relations on the phone which is something I am proud to take away with me.

Clearly not because of the free breakfast, although it was a plus, preparing for and attending the Breakfast Club was probably one of my favourite memories with Petersens. I was fortunate enough to come face to face with representatives of key businesses in Cardiff and listen to a talk by Stephen Herring, Head of Taxation at the Institute of Directors (IoD).  I even faced and conquered the ever tricky task of waking up at 5.45am!

But, the most memorable thing that I will take away from the experience is that the working world, at least Petersens’ world, is not full of the doom and gloom that I feared of when I was younger. Being part of such a laid back environment where everyone contributes to ideas, projects and conversations is so reassuring to me as someone who is about to graduate and hopefully work for a company who has this same mantra. Most impressively, the people of Petersens actually care about each other and I am thankful to have worked with such people. I am now motivated to apply for jobs that I felt like I might not be considered for before my placement here.

To sum up, the last ten weeks has been a great experience with some great people, learning the ins and outs of a truly great company!