Probably the most important announcement for Wales in decades

Posted: February 7, 2014 in Business/Cardiff News, Uncategorized
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planesAs I sipped my free coffee from Waitrose this morning, I saw on page 3 of today’s Western Mail the news that Network Rail have unveiled plans for the preferred route for a new rail line to the ‘UK’s only Hub Airport.’ No longer will travellers have to go via Paddington to get to Heathrow. Journey time will be reduced from 2 hr 40mins to 1hr 55mins by 2021.

The importance of this to the future of South Wales in particular is truly immense. Forget short term growth and hopeful marketing, this is of real significance to the future growth of our economy. Our wonderfully successful indigenous companies such as Admiral have shown that Wales has many of the important elements to make a successful business: a passionate, engaged work force, lower overheads and great management. With better transport links, South Wales has a great, great future ahead of it.

What a way to start the weekend. Let’s hope our rugby team can make it the perfect weekend!

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