At last a metro system for Cardiff!!

Posted: October 9, 2013 in Business/Cardiff News, Opinion
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We really have had some wonderful news in Cardiff recently.

From our premiership division footballers making a flying start to their season at the top flight to real progress on the adoption of the Cardiff Council’s local development plan for the next 15 years, it does appear that public and private sector are really trying to ensure that our City and Region can grow in this most competitive world marketplace.


Jane Hutt, Finance Minister, announced a £62 million funding package earlier today.

However, today’s announcement by Jane Hutt, Finance Minister for the Welsh Government who states that £62 million would be allocated to the South Wales Metro scheme over the next 3 years is the icing on the cake. With the Westminster Government backing the electrification of the Western Main Line and the plans to reduce M4 congestion around Newport, I feel at last we are putting together the essential building blocks for the future growth of Cardiff and the Region.

Without excellent transport links both to and within the region no successful inward investment project leaders would consider the area. So with programmes aimed at increasing our skill levels, and a blueprint for the growth of Cardiff, plus an improved transport system together with our innate Welsh hwyl, perhaps we can justifiably look to a really bright future for our capital and citizens.

Lets make sure we all embrace the opportunity presented and not let it drift by!

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