Laura’s Petersens experience

Posted: August 29, 2013 in Petersens News, work experience
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Laura Brindley has been with us for the past few weeks on a GO Wales Work Taster, but sadly today we must say goodbye! We asked her to write a blog post on her time with us, and what she’s learnt during her Petersens experience…

Laura Brindley

Laura Brindley

Today is my last day at Petersens and I feel very glad to have had the experience I’ve had! It was a relief to find that people in the real world of work are so welcoming and friendly.

My time at Petersens has been hugely insightful in understanding the field of PR and has opened my eyes up to the huge range of tasks involved within PR from producing press releases for a client to the huge project of undertaking Public Consultation for a company as big as Tesco, for example that wants to expand one of their stores.

One of the highlights of my time at Petersens was going to visit one of the new sites with ‘ client Llanmoor Homes. It was really nice to be in the fresh air and see one of Petersens’ client’s products with my own eyes. It was also interesting to see how Eira had built up a strong relationship with the sales negotiator at Llanmoor. I have learnt that building up a good relationship with clients is integral to a successful PR company.

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