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Cliff Morgan, who passed away yesterday aged 83.

I felt that I could not let the passing of Cliff Morgan go without a personal comment. I was privileged to meet Cliff on a few occasions in the company of my father, another Welshman who has been given that wonderful accolade of “legend”. There were great similarities between the two men: they were both modest, caring, and passionate about their sport, about Wales, its people and its culture.

May I along with the many, many others pass on my respects to Cliff’s family and friends and say farewell to another true gentleman of Wales.

Laura Brindley has been with us for the past few weeks on a GO Wales Work Taster, but sadly today we must say goodbye! We asked her to write a blog post on her time with us, and what she’s learnt during her Petersens experience…

Laura Brindley

Laura Brindley

Today is my last day at Petersens and I feel very glad to have had the experience I’ve had! It was a relief to find that people in the real world of work are so welcoming and friendly.

My time at Petersens has been hugely insightful in understanding the field of PR and has opened my eyes up to the huge range of tasks involved within PR from producing press releases for a client to the huge project of undertaking Public Consultation for a company as big as Tesco, for example that wants to expand one of their stores.

One of the highlights of my time at Petersens was going to visit one of the new sites with ‘ client Llanmoor Homes. It was really nice to be in the fresh air and see one of Petersens’ client’s products with my own eyes. It was also interesting to see how Eira had built up a strong relationship with the sales negotiator at Llanmoor. I have learnt that building up a good relationship with clients is integral to a successful PR company.

It is very pleasing to read in today’s Western Mail the article written by Leighton Jenkins, assistant director for policy at CBI Wales.

Onwards and upwards: Cardiff Council seek to boost the economy by Rebuilding Momentum

Onwards and upwards: Cardiff Council seek to boost the economy by Rebuilding Momentum

Leighton refers to Cardiff Council’s compelling case for a new approach to its economy – “Rebuilding Momentum”. He endorses the point that whilst Cardiff is an established UK core city, known as one of the UK’s most “livable” cities and recognised internationally as a vibrant and modern Small European Capital, it is over 10 years since the last major investment was secured.

It is therefore crucial for both private and public sector to work in partnership to help create the necessary momentum for Cardiff and the Region to fulfill the opportunity there is to grow our fragile City economy. Leighton quotes case study examples of Leeds, Aberdeen and Camden where far-sighted politicians, planners and entrepreneurs worked together to create more homes, exploit local strengths, use empty spaces etc to get local economies growing.

Lets hope that such creative thinking can take place in Cardiff, led by the new Cardiff Business Council. As our newly promoted Cardiff City premier footballers proved on Sunday, beating strong competitors Manchester City, with a positive approach and a well-organised team Cardiff Plc can climb the regional investment table in the UK to the position it rightly deserves.

220px-Cardiff_Airport_(Oct_2010)Very pleased to read in today’s Western Mail that passenger numbers are up year on year at Cardiff Airport.  After years of numbers declining this is very positive news as Chief Executive Jon Home acknowledges.

It is common sense to see what is happening, in that if you give passengers more choice of flight destinations they will support the airport. It’s also exciting to think that Vueling may increase its flights from Cardiff as the owner of the airline International Airlines Group Chief Executive Willie Walsh has stated that he wants Vueling to compete with Easyjet and RyanAir.

This news, together with the submission by the Welsh Gateway Group for Cardiff Airport to become a ‘hub’ to Heathrow which is mentioned again in today’s Mail by Martin Evans, gives me hope that the future of Cardiff Airport may be a lot brighter than 12 months ago when the very future of the airport was in doubt.

It is vital for the future of Cardiff and its region to have a fully connected airport on its doorstep.  Let’s hope today’s news is not just a flash in the pan!

FrackingI totally agree with the comment piece in today’s South Wales Echo.  Our nation is becoming desperate for alternative, cheaper forms of energy.  Coal and oil reserves are diminishing in the UK and alternative forms of energy production i.e. nuclear, wind and tidal all have their pros and cons.

With the USA now exporting gas from fracking rather than importing it, we must urgently examine the environmental impact of fracking for if it is found to be safe and economically viable to obtain energy through this method of drilling, it must be allowed.

As with coal reserves under Wales, which were once significant and helped to grow the Welsh economy, if substantial reserves of shale gas are found, this cheaper form of energy could transform our country and provide thousands of jobs and huge income to the principality.

Let’s thoroughly research it and not dismiss the opportunity through ignorance and negativity, it could secure our future energy needs for generations to come.

Cardiff City Stadium

Cardiff City Stadium

As we eagerly await our Cardiff Bluebirds’ first season in the Premier Division, how very wise of Edwina Hart and her team at the Welsh Government to sponsor the club next season through advertising boards at the stadium with Visit Wales branding.


The worldwide audience for Premier football matches is huge, and any opportunity for Wales to be promoted is to be welcomed and applauded.

We all wish Cardiff, Swansea, Wrexham and newly promoted Newport Football Club great success in their various divisions and championships over the next season.

I finish with the sad note that one of my heroines, Marilyn Monroe, passed away on 5th August 1962.  A true icon of the cinema screen and a personality who can never be replaced.