ITV’s ‘Fishlock’s Wales’ Boxing Review – an omission?

Posted: June 12, 2013 in Business/Cardiff News, Opinion, Petersens News, Uncategorized
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It was with great personal interest that I watched Trevor Fishlock’s report on Welsh Boxing last night on ITV Wales. 

Trevor did a great job at outlining the history of boxing in Wales from the boxing booths to the champions of today.  He covered the relationship that the young men, many from the mines of South Wales, had with their passionate supporters, and how many took up fighting not just for the physical benefit and discipline that the sport gave, but also the wealth that the successful champions could make from the prize money they could win.

Jack Petersen competing

Jack Petersen competing

From a personal point of view, I was surprised by the omission of reference to my father, a professional boxer in the 1930s who became light heavyweight and heavyweight champion of Great Britain before the age of 21.  A feat not equalled since by any boxer from Britain.  He had a passionate supporter base and drew crowds of 50,000 plus at White City and Ninian Road.

Jack Petersen with his Lonsdale Belt

Jack Petersen with his Lonsdale Belt

My father Jack Petersen also won two original Lonsdale Belts referred to by Trevor as the pinnacle of achievement for boxers, who had to win and then defend their title three times before being presented with the coveted item.  Sadly recently one of these belts was stolen from my brother’s home in Buckinghamshire.

Another feat unequalled was that my father, as an ex boxer, became President of the British Boxing Board of Control (who now run professional boxing in Great Britain so well).

A great programme Trevor however, which in a short documentary showed why boxing was and still is such an important sport enjoyed by so many Welsh youngsters. Long may it continue to prosper and grow.

  1. Jenna says:

    Hi I completely agree with your review as I also enjoyed the programme I was also very surprised with the omission of my grandfather Dai Dower again another welsh legend who also won the Lonsdale belt and was and is loved still by many.

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