Wales and its weight disaster

Posted: May 17, 2013 in Events, Opinion, Uncategorized
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For a moment let’s forget about the Euro crisis, the stock market, the Lions tour, changes to the welfare system, the Eurovision song contest…

Let’s consider the enormous crisis we have here in Wales; obesity in both adults and children. apple

Figures show that three in five adults in Wales are now classified as overweight or obese; the first increase in 5 years.  The costs to our society, and to the individuals concerned, in terms of hospital care, operations, sicknesses etc is and will become unsustainable unless urgent action is taken.

We must maximise resources to address this issue which can no longer be ignored.  While initiations and campaigns undertaken by the Welsh Government, Health Boards, Sport Wales, local authorities, governing bodies of sports have been run, they have not worked.  A strategy is needed to encompass all sections of society to deliver a healthier Wales and population. The problem has been identified again and action is needed, urgently.

People both young and old should be encouraged to take part in a little more exercise each day and eat a little less each day.  A dear friend of mine, after years of persuasion by me, finally gave walking a try by going to get the paper at a local shop less than a quarter of a mile from his home rather than drive!  He enjoyed it so much he began to increase his distance and after some two years, together with a modest reduction in food intake, he has lost 2 stone in weight. He feels better, sleeps better and importantly for him can now wear his precious Armani suits that he had not worn for 10 years as his weight increased!

So by taking a very small step literally, a large difference can be made to the health and well-being of every overweight or obese citizen of Wales, and save our nation millions of pounds in care and benefits.bonnie tyler

And finally as we all look forward to seeing the annual Eurovision Comedy Show, good luck to our very healthy Bonnie Tyler as she attempts to win the Eurovision Song Contest tomorrow night.

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