My GO Wales Placement at Petersens PR

Posted: April 24, 2013 in Business/Cardiff News, Petersens News, work experience
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Today is GO Wales Placement Student Eros’s last day with us at Petersens! We asked him to write a post about his time with us. Thanks for all your help, Eros!

Eros2On my first day at Petersens, I did not know what to expect and had very little experience in Public Relations. However, I could not have found a better team to work with than the one at Petersens.

I felt immediately welcome and was even made a cup of tea. I was instantly eased into my role and was introduced to Petersens as a company. I examined various projects that Petersens had worked on and through this learnt a vast amount within a short space of time.

What I particularly liked about my taster at Petersens was the fact that even on my first day, I was not left to sit by myself doing nothing. I was instantly assigned a task to research various company profiles and to glance at an assortment of press releases.

As the weeks progressed, after each task I completed, the team at Petersens would give me constructive feedback on how to improve on what I had completed. This is a rare feature that only a minority of work tasters/internships seem to offer, especially due to time constraints. The team at Petersens always had time for me and constantly made sure that I was not disinterested.

One week I was able to attend the Cardiff Breakfast Club at the St David’s Hotel, Cardiff Bay, where I helped the Petersens team organise the event and even networked with a few guests. It was an extremely insightful event which I was glad I had the chance to attend.

I would like to thank Petersens PR for making my time at the company extremely enjoyable and stimulating and to Go Wales for giving me this fantastic opportunity.

In a nutshell: My work taster at Petersens PR has been exciting, insightful and intriguing. The team never makes you feel like an intern, you are essentially a part of the team. I would highly recommend Petersens to anybody wanting experience in PR; it is the best experience that anybody could wish for.

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