Tweeting – it’s becoming part of daily life for everyone

Posted: March 18, 2013 in Events, Opinion
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As a great advocate of the use of social media, I was delighted to read how those regular users of Twitter as an instant way to convey messages and opinions used the medium to great effect over the weekend.

Firstly, during the excellent ITV documentary of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee last year, where the cameras were allowed to capture a briefing of the Queen’s household staff on dealing with the inevitable “Tweeter Brigade” of the British Olympic medalists  who were due to attend a reception in Buckingham Palace. Then of course the tweets from members of the wonderful Welsh Rugby Squad who so convincingly beat the English team at the Millennium Stadium on Saturday (what a game, what an atmosphere, what a headache on Sunday morning!).

George North tweeted a picture of himself having breakfast alongside the 6 Nations trophy.

George North tweeted a picture of himself having breakfast alongside the 6 Nations trophy.

Tweeting is now universal, but it can be misused. I also read in yesterday’s Sunday Times of a boxer who was getting regular abuse on Twitter from a troll. In some desperation, the boxer tweeted a reward for anyone helping to identify his abuser, and successfully found his address, went to the street where he lived, and tweeted his location. This results in a retraction of all that had been said, as well as an apology in person. This should serve as a warning to other potential abusers that they can be found out.

Social media, and Twitter in particular, is here to stay, and used honestly can be hugely important in conveying messages quickly and effectively. I would not be surprised if in the future its use saves lived, as well as cementing relationships.

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