Championing the Welsh PR industry

Posted: February 22, 2013 in Business/Cardiff News, Opinion, Petersens News
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eng walFor those of us who work in the PR business in Wales, it was extremely heartening to read the positive remarks on the PR profession in Wales in last week’s excellent Friday File in the Western Mail, written by Rhodri Evans.

He calls for a level playing field when public sector contracts are tendered for, to enable those suitably qualified organisations based in Wales the opportunity to win such tenders.  In 2013, you do not have to be located in the centre of London, or Paris, or Cairo in order to obtain media coverage for clients in those centres.  If the story is relevant, well conceived and suitable for a particular media and its audience, a client can gain significant cost benefits by using a local PR consultant here in Wales.

It’s a no brainer really for those responsible for growing our economy and increasing employment in high skilled sectors such as PR; Procurement Officers should be encouraging our PR sector to invest in training, and convincing PR bosses to employ the very best in the profession by ensuring that local PR companies are asked to compete for all relevant tenders and aren’t excluded for reasons of location.  If a small consultancy like mine can gain coverage for clients in Africa, Canada, Spain, Germany, USA, Egypt, Italy etc then others can also.

Well done Rhodri for also reminding the business community that there is a pool of excellent PR talent here in Wales, and that all those using external PR consultancies should perhaps think again. Maybe they will be pleasantly surprised and can save a lot of money in the process and help our economy grow.

  1. Nick Lewis says:

    I think the point about opening up Public Sector PR accounts for tender is a valid one, as you will be guaranteeing a better choice of supplier for that organisation, and that organisation would not necessarily be tied into that firm or individual basis on an ongoing basis (which they would be if they were hired as a fulltime employee).

    Also, I think that often PR appointments for Public Sector organisations are done so from within that organisation with political (both with a big ‘P’ and a little ‘p’) considerations in mind, and opening up these contracts to the wider community will ensure that the appointment is made upon merit and skill instead.

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