The WRU have got it right by cutting prices

Posted: January 29, 2013 in Opinion, Uncategorized
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wales rugby fansAs a supporter of the Blues and our boys in the hallowed red shirt over many years, I was delighted to hear in today’s Western Mail of the WRU’s decision to lower prices for the Six Nations’ matches next year.

From attending every home game until recently, I have been very concerned about the gradual increase of ticket prices.  However well or badly the team are playing, supporters should only expect to pay a reasonable sum the games, not be exploited.  As we have seen last season, seats will remain empty if the prices are too high in these difficult economic times, however entertaining the games are.  Well done to those advising the WRU on a move that will tick many boxes with the fans and clubs.

The timing of the PR is perfect bearing in mind Saturday’s game against the Irish team.  Good luck Wales and let’s see a real bounce back from the disappointments of last autumn.  We are behind you.

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