AH-002-Cardiff-BayIt gave me the greatest of pleasure to read the various headlines in Sion Barry’s excellent ‘Business in Wales’ section of today’s Western Mail.

‘Christmas sales jump 13% at John Lewis’, ‘484,224 businesses started in 2012, 10% more than in 2011’, ‘Welsh firms (not fims!!) growing in confidence says Lloyds’ and ‘Manufacturing returns to growth with highest output for 15 months’.

Would it not be wonderful for these positive signs about the economy to continue to raise confidence about 2013 and indicate perhaps that we, at last, are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel?

As further proof of the positive times ahead, the only advertisement on Sion’s pages was to announce next week’s Cardiff Breakfast Club (which we organise by the way!), where Graeme Yorston, Chief Executive of the Principality Group will address the members on the following topic; “2013; Reasons to be cheerful”.  If you want to come, please contact Sally on sally@petersenspr.com or 02920 549597.FE_DA_RecessionOver_0921425x283

Let’s hope that the optimism shown by Graeme and all those who contributed to Sion’s articles in today’s Western Mail is realised and that, in 2013, we really will see the economy in the UK, and importantly here in Wales, start to motor once again. 

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