Charlotte starts her Petersens experience

Posted: November 30, 2012 in Petersens News, work experience
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Postgraduate student Charlotte Seymour is now in her second week of  a Go Wales Work Taster with us, alongside studying for an MA in International Public Relations. Here’s how she’s getting on so far!

Our latest Work Taster student is Charlotte Seymour.

Our latest Work Taster student is Charlotte Seymour.

I found it very interesting reading over the blog post from this month’s Breakfast Club with Julie Lydon, Vice Chancellor of the University of Glamorgan. She openly discussed the big debate among students: why do a degree? I had struggled after graduating in a Bsc Psychology and Criminology from Kingston University, and found myself moving to the Mediterranean job searching, in hope of some career spark. I settled for an international school, teaching English. After a few years of deliberation, I finally found inspiration in what I enjoy and decided the communications industry will give me the challenges and diverse environment that I always hoped for.

Interestingly, a lot of my family and friends discouraged me from seeking Higher Education as I started to think about a Masters at Cardiff University. But after much research, I realised that what is needed these days is a professional based degree or what comes with it, work experience. For this reason, I found great encouragement from Julie Lydon’s talk this month; combining education with work experience, helps push you as a potential employee, and develop a number of skills set for industry.

When I had (begrudgingly!) started to pay my Masters Tuition fees, I actively sought out work experience to help guide my understanding of theory.  With determination, I was ecstatic to find a little angel in Go Wales’ work taster scheme who led me to Petersens PR. Not only am I studying what I love, but I’m learning ‘on the job’ from the most fantastic team.  I am now in to my second week and already feel settled in. I have already helped update the newsletter, researched media lists and drank lots of warming tea to help warm me up after the long, cold train and bus journey to get here.

I strongly encourage anyone who is unsure about contemplating University or even a career change, to try out the taster programme because this has set me in the right direction by giving me the confidence to aim high, thanks to Petersens strong ethos in helping students work set skills and Go Wales commitment.

  1. Rosemary says:

    keep it up. you really inspired me

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