At last a new transport system for Cardiff itself?

Posted: November 29, 2012 in Business/Cardiff News, Opinion
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A new proposal could see the development of a metro link between the city centre and Cardiff Bay.

What wonderful news by Sion Barry in today’s Western Mail. Our Business Minister Edwina Hart is considering the proposal by the board of the financial and professional services enterprise zone in Cardiff for a new City-Bay metro transport system linking together our city’s various business hubs!

We must sort out our transport system if we are going to attract inward investors and visitors to our great city. With the news of rail electrification to South Wales, and hopefully a more practical approach to the problems faced by our airport, together with the support of a City Region approach to planning and inward investment, we really do have a chance to promote our region to the world. But this will only work if we sort out our increasingly troublesome inner city transport.

All rate payers in the city, whether business or private, deserve an improved transport system. Go to Munich, Paris, Dublin or any major European city, and you see the impact of a well thought out, practical transport system, with rover tickets covering all methods of public transport.

Just imagine in a few years if you could arrive from say Australia, catch the  new rail link from Heathrow to Cardiff, get off the train and move to another platform to get on to your metro link to an office in the Bay, having bought your ticket in Heathrow – saving possibly hours off the current journey time! It’s a great image and would do so much to help those interested in promoting our city and region to the world.

It would also satisfy a lot of unhappy residents and business people already living and working here!

Good luck, Minister – let’s hope funds can be found to make this proposal a reality!

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