“One dog is probably enough” – Barack Obama

Posted: November 7, 2012 in Events, Opinion
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Obama thanked his family on securing a second term as President of the United States.

I along with millions of people worldwide was fascinated by the US presidential election, and the extraordinary campaign which preceded it. The mix of social media and local door to door canvassing up to yesterday in the key swing states and districts will have been of great interest to every marketing and PR professional. Predictions and forecasts were being updated hourly and while I did not stay awake to see the President tweet “Four more years” at around 4am this morning I was delighted to embrace a true victory for democracy.

As President Obama said in his speech to his supporters this morning in Chicago, many people in the world fight for the right to vote as millions of Americans have done over recent days. With over 300 million American citizens having a choice, it does demonstrate the power of democracy in one of the world’s greatest economies.

We citizens of the United Kingdom too have this right, to vote for those who are prepared to sacrifice long hours and no doubt many sleepless nights to represent our views and change of way of life for the better. I admire them all (with a few exceptions!) and thank them for their dedication and commitment!

I would have voted for Obama if I had been allowed to. He projects himself as a person in touch with his people and expounds the family values he so obviously cherishes, even thanking his wife Michelle and his daughters in his victory speech for their help in this campaign. He also revealed his “ordinariness”, showing that even the First Family of the US perhaps disagrees on some issues. He finished his speech by referring to an obvious family debate relating to more family pets, commenting, “but one dog is probably enough!” I know the feeling, as we are currently considering whether to take in another rescue collie dog to keep our “super pooch” Jack company – although he is quite happy being the centre of attention!

Let’s hope Obama can complete the work started in his first term and bring America back into prosperity for all our benefits.

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