A third of Welsh adults failing to exercise

Posted: August 29, 2012 in Business/Cardiff News, Opinion
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Exercising doesn’t have to be a stretch – even 20 minutes of walking can make a difference.

How sad and alarming to read in today’s Western Mail of the Welsh Government’s figures that show 34% of adults in Wales are failing to do at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise any day of the week!!

This is a time bomb which will impact on everyone living in Wales. As a man who recently underwent a pretty major operation, my recovery has been significantly sped up by that face that I was fit. This subsequently saved the NHS in Wales a considerable sum in terms of health care cost and hospital space.

The Welsh Government must treat this news with the respect it deserves. Adults and children must be encouraged to exercise on a regular basis. Even 20 minutes walking a few times a week can make a difference. A good friend of mine took my suggestion of walking to the local shop to get his paper, rather than using the car. As a result he lost 2 stone in a year, he can now get back into his favourite suits, and has a new lease of life.

Please, please, First Minister, keep this news on the top of your agenda for both the economic and the physical health of our nation.

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