In praise of the NHS and those who make Britain Great

Posted: August 13, 2012 in Events, Opinion
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The Olympic Opening Ceremony paid homage to the dedication and professionalism of the NHS

As some of our followers may know, I recently experienced a health scare which was fortunately discovered early and was cured. I wanted to share with you the admiration I have for the service I received from the NHS in Wales. From my local GP who first suggested an X-ray to me, through the numerous visits to the Heath and Llandough hospitals, the sensitivity, compassion and pure professionalism of each of the nurses, consultants, surgeons, physios I encountered shone through at every stage.

Critics of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games stated that the section on the NHS was ‘politically motivated’ and ‘unnecessary’. To those critics I can say with real passion and conviction that they are so wrong. The work of the NHS is quite simply superb, even if occasionally mistakes occur – as can happen in all major corporations, and organisations big and small.

Ending on a topical note, I must agree with the comments of the many fans, competitors and media pundits on the Olympics we have experienced over recent weeks – a breathtaking demonstration of world-class event management, and Britain’s creativity at its best. Added to this we have seen the dedication and team efforts behind all our Olympic heroes, who have all thanked the Great British public and the many volunteers for their part in bringing out their very best performances.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that I have seen over the last few months what truly makes Britain Great – from the professionalism of the NHS in Wales to the Olympic success of our competitors, organisers, entertainers, volunteers and fans. Lets make sure this leaves a Great British legacy that lives on for generations to come.

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