The Welsh ingredient

Posted: July 4, 2012 in Business/Cardiff News, Events, Opinion
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Once again Wales punches above its weight in the world of sport, with confirmation today that some 29 Welsh athletes have been selected to the GB team for the forthcoming Olympic games. This is a record number, beating the 1908 figure!

It is frankly unbelievable that our nation, representing just 5% of the UK population, produces so many outstanding individuals, not just in sport but also business, the arts, science, law, medicine, and so many other spheres of life. Is it the water, the air, the food, plus the determination of these amazing individuals to conquer the world? We must package and sell this “Welsh ingredient” worldwide, and encourage businesses and like-minded individuals to come and benefit from our truly unique country.

Once again congratulations to all our Welsh representatives, and to their coaches, families and friends who no doubt have helped and supported these superstars over the months and years of hard work and dedication.

Good luck to you all at London 2012!

World 400m hurdles champion Dai Greene is one of 29 Welsh athletes selected for Team GB

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