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We’ve been joined in the office this week by our latest GO Wales placement student, Holly Claydon Bevan. Here’s what she thought of her Petersens work taster…

Cardiff University graduate Holly Claydon Bevan joined Petersens on a week work taster

After three exciting and challenging years at Cardiff University, last month my time in this beautiful city finally (and all too quickly) ended when I attended my graduation ceremony. My emotions were mixed; happy, excited, upset, and anxious.

Having graduated with BA Joint Honours in Journalism and Sociology, I have always enjoyed the Journalism side and considered it as a career prospect, but have always also had PR and Marketing in the back of my mind. I haven’t had much practical experience of this, as my degree was mainly theory-based, so I decided to approach GO Wales who were able to offer me a work taster with Petersens.

On arrival on Monday morning, I was quickly greeted with a cup of coffee by the very friendly Sally and Louise, and we had a chat about what I wanted to achieve from the week. Embarrassingly, my knowledge of PR has always been quite vague and I thought it was ‘something to do with marketing’, so I decided I’d like to get some real experience of it.

I was quickly given some interesting projects to work on, including writing press releases, media research, writing articles for the August newsletter and updating client portfolios. All of the tasks were enjoyable and informative and really helped to give me a better idea of the world of PR, rather than just stereotypical work experience placements of making the tea. In fact, I haven’t made a single mug since I’ve been here!

I was also given the opportunity to attend a Social Media Seminar and Networking Lunch with Sally, which was very helpful. It felt a bit like an episode of The Apprentice as we entered the boardroom and all sat around a big meeting table waiting for the speaker to arrive, but once the seminar began it was very informative. We learnt about how businesses can utilise social media in order to improve communications, for example by creating business Twitter and Facebook accounts, and the etiquette that goes with this. Even though I’m not an owner of a business, it was still a useful event to attend (and the GB Women’s Olympic Football Team was also staying at the hotel which was quite exciting!)

I’ve really enjoyed my week here at Petersens and feel it has given me an insightful experience into a Marketing and PR agency. My plans for next year are to earn some money before going travelling in January to do the typical gap year student thing. But when I get back, I’m pleased I will be able to put my Petersens experience to good use and will definitely be looking for jobs in PR and Marketing! So thank you to all at Petersens for a very enjoyable, interesting and informative week.


While the Cardiff Breakfast Club takes its traditional break until the autumn, there was one rather special event to end the summer season. Yesterday morning Sally joined members at Porth Teigr, Cardiff Bay for an exciting preview of the brand new Doctor Who Experience

The interactive Doctor Who Experience opens today in Porth Teigr, Cardiff Bay.

Doctor Who first time-travelled his way on to our Earth televisions in 1963, and in 2005 the BBC revived the show to huge popular acclaim. The series is one of BBC Wales’ most-watched productions, and its relocation to the new state-of-the-art Roath Lock studios in March this year has firmly fixed its much-loved association with the city of Cardiff.

Who fans old and new have long enjoyed spotting locations around the city that they’ve seen on screen, and I even remember welcoming my parents to my old university lecture building with the words, “They filmed Doctor Who here!”. The opening of the new Doctor Who Experience in Porth Teigr, Cardiff Bay therefore feels like the final piece of the puzzle. As Kylie Lindsay of BBC Worldwide told me this morning, it has been a long time in the making, but the Doctor has finally “come home to Cardiff”.

The Experience originally opened in London in February 2011 for a year-long residency, and was incredibly popular, welcoming over 230,000 visitors through its doors before it closed in February 2012. I was lucky enough to join members of the Cardiff Breakfast Club on a sneak preview of the Experience this morning ahead of its official opening tomorrow, on Friday the 20th of July.

While I wouldn’t have previously considered myself an avid Who fan (though I will confess to owning a long stripey scarf not entirely uninspired by the kooky Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker!), walking through the darkened corridor to where the interactive part of the Experience would begin was really exciting. Especially when our guide warned us to expect smoke effects, flashing lights and uneven floors on the half-hour journey! The specially filmed adventure features brand new sequences filmed with the current Doctor, Matt Smith and some pretty impressive sets and props. I had a dispute with a Dalek and got to fly the TARDIS – but I don’t want to give too much away… you’ll have to visit for yourself!

A model of current Doctor, Matt Smith outside the famous TARDIS.

Kylie had told me that the amount of time it takes to go round it all entirely depends on “how big a fan you are”. The exhibition section of the Experience houses an incredible amount of original artefacts, sets and costumes over two floors, and could definitely keep even the most die-hard of fans happy for hours. Every exhibit is accompanied by nuggets of behind-the-scenes information. For example, did you know that there are two TARDIS sets? One for studio filming, and one built to be taken apart for filming on location.

As the Breakfast Club members that I spoke to afterwards agreed, the creativity and attention to detail that has gone into making not only the Experience but the entire Doctor Who world is truly impressive. The thing that came across most was the passion that the creators, designers, writers and producers pour into making the show – and in return, how much it is adored by its legions of loving fans. The new exhibition is not just a brilliant day out, but a thrilling reward to fans for their dedication to the series. It is sure to cement Cardiff’s association with quality creativity for light-years to come!


The Doctor Who Experience at Porth Teigr, Cardiff Bay officially opens to the public today, Friday 20th July. For more information or to book tickets, visit

The Cardiff Breakfast Club’s autumn season will start on the 10th of September with guest speaker Ann Beynon of BT. For more information on the Breakfast Club email Sally at 


A new direct rail link between South Wales and Heathrow has been announced

What an end to a great week for Cardiff and for Wales!

First came the brilliant news yesterday about the firm recommendation for the Task and Finish group set up by Edwina Hart on the Cardiff and Swansea City Regions. Then in today’s Western Mail we hear that the UK Government is to invest £500 million in a new direct rail link from South Wales to Heathrow, cutting 30 minutes off the current journey time.

At last Wales can really gear up to promoting itself internationally. All we need now is an announcement on Monday that the Cardiff Region Metro scheme is to get to go-ahead and we truly are flying!

Improved external and internal transport links are vital if the City Region is to become a reality. This is a really exciting time for the citizens of Cardiff and South Wales in particular, and I look forward with great anticipation to the Metro decision on Monday!

When I first read about the setting up of the City Region Task and Finish Group by Edwina Hart last year, I really

Dr Elizabeth Haywood’s Task and Finish Group have published their long-awaited report on the Cardiff City Region proposal.

got excited by the possibilities of the findings. I then read today of the Group’s report and my early excitement was fortified!

Dr Elizabeth Haywood, as Chair of the Group, and the various members are to be congratulated on producing such a well-researched and considered report. As Elizabeth says, all parties involved, including politicians, business leaders and the public, must grasp the opportunity presented to create a more prosperous region for this and future generations.

Please, please put aside political differences, vested interests and historical barriers and help drive forward the recommendations made in the report. If we do not you can forget any real long-term future for our beloved city and region.

To compete on the world stage we must pool all our resources and sell them to potential visitors, inward investors and our own citizens, to remind them of what a wonderful part of the world we live in.

Once again Wales punches above its weight in the world of sport, with confirmation today that some 29 Welsh athletes have been selected to the GB team for the forthcoming Olympic games. This is a record number, beating the 1908 figure!

It is frankly unbelievable that our nation, representing just 5% of the UK population, produces so many outstanding individuals, not just in sport but also business, the arts, science, law, medicine, and so many other spheres of life. Is it the water, the air, the food, plus the determination of these amazing individuals to conquer the world? We must package and sell this “Welsh ingredient” worldwide, and encourage businesses and like-minded individuals to come and benefit from our truly unique country.

Once again congratulations to all our Welsh representatives, and to their coaches, families and friends who no doubt have helped and supported these superstars over the months and years of hard work and dedication.

Good luck to you all at London 2012!

World 400m hurdles champion Dai Greene is one of 29 Welsh athletes selected for Team GB

Crowds line the banks at the Henley Royal Regatta

What a wonderful day I had last week, soaking up the atmosphere (and a few glasses of Pimms!) at Henley Royal Regatta with good friends Alun Davies, Robert Llewellyn Jones of Media Wales and Peters Jones of Cintec. We saw some very spirited performances from Welsh oarsmen representing various clubs, including Patrick Lapage, stoke of Harvard University, who subsequently won his final yesterday by 1 foot, beating my club Leander in the Ladies Plate Event. I returned home exhausted but stimulated by the tremendous efforts put in by many rowers determined to beat the selected crews in their event, and there were some surprises.

My day was completed as I sipped my last glass of wine of the day and turned the television on to watch the Wimbledon highlights, and probably the finest game of tennis ever played! The Czech Republic’s Luka Rosol, ranked 100 in the world, beat the famous Rafael Nadal of Spain, the world number 2, in a game with all the excitement and passion you could ever expect from the sport. My faith in someone’s ability to win whatever the odds has been totally restored! Luka’s concentration, calmness, courage, fitness and technical ability was unbelievable! I shall never ever doubt either my own or anyone else’s chance to win at whatever level, in whatever competitive situation we may find ourselves, as demonstrated on Thursday on the green grass of Centre Court.

A smiling Luka Rosol after beating world number 2 Rafael Nadal

Let’s hope that there are many more such examples to come in the week’s ahead, as our Welsh representatives in the GB Olympics team take on the world’s best. Good luck to you all, make your nation proud, as Luka’s parents and supporters showed most visibly after his victory!

PS. I must also mention the brilliant efforts from Rhys Williams, who won gold in the hurdles at the European Athletics Championships, and golfer Jamie Donaldson, who after 255 attempts finally claimed his first tour title at Royal Portrush. Well done boys!