Former Peacocks employee Lowri Jones found a new role after training with ReAct and e-academy

As we look forward to a wet weekend (and also a certain game of rugby Down Under!), I was really delighted with two bits of news this week, which demonstrate people’s creativity and inventiveness in times of crisis.

Firstly, in yesterday’s Western Mail it was super to read an example of an ex-Peacocks employee really picking themselves up after the despair they must have felt after the closure of the chain. Young Lowri Jones, from Cardiff, had worked for Peacocks as an assistant merchandiser since 2009. Faced with redundancy, she joined a ReAct sponsored training course provided by our client, e-academy, and has since found employment in the merchandising division at Leekes.

I wish all ex-employees of Peacocks all the very best in their search for new employment. From reading about these examples of positive thinking and action, perhaps many more ex-colleagues will find new appointments.

Secondly, I was thrilled to read of the discussion being held to secure televised American National Hockey League matches at the Millennium Stadium. It’s a perfect venue for such events, and if it goes ahead would coincide with Cardiff’s recognition as European Capital of Sport in 2014. The benefits to the city and to Wales would be numerous. It would open up the region for visitors and ice hockey fans from across Europe and even further afield. Every support should be given to the team leading this super initiative.

Very n-ice: Could this exciting sport be coming to the Millennium Stadium?

Enjoy the weekend – and enjoy the rugby!

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