Becky’s Petersens’ experience comes to an end

Posted: May 30, 2012 in Petersens News
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Cardiff University student Becky Wilson joined Petersens on a 10-week GO Wales work experience placement, which today sadly comes to an end! Here she talks about how she found it….

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about how my Petersens work experience was shaping. I was excited about visiting clients and was quickly getting to grips with the ins and outs of the PR world. Today is my final day at Petersens, and I am truly grateful for the many exciting and new experiences I have gained through my ten weeks here.

My time at Petersens has definitely been ‘time well spent’. I have been involved in working with many different clients, writing press releases, and researching different forms of media, clients and competitions. All of this has informed me about how PR is such a versatile industry, as each of the tasks I was given was different to the next.

In my last blog I told you how excited I was to be taking a trip to visit a client. This was very informative as, despite the torrential downfall I was able to see how to develop an angle, and turn an interview into a news story. We really enjoyed our morning out from the office, but after getting flooded feet, it was nice to get back into the comfort of the office.

Alongside that experience, I have also been lucky enough to be involved with the organisation and running of the Cardiff Breakfast Club, a monthly business networking event organised by Petersens. I must admit going to my first event was slightly daunting. With the very early wake up call, and the knowledge of having to greet over a hundred people, I was slightly worried, but Sally ensured me that I had nothing to worry about, and of course I didn’t. It was a wonderful morning, with a great breakfast and an interesting speaker. It was a great way to see how a PR company can be involved in so many different aspects of the business world. Rob was kind enough to invite me to help out at a second Breakfast Club, and I jumped at the chance. Through assisting with both of these events, I was able to gain experience in setting up and managing events, and learn how to interact at a networking event, something that will help me when it comes to joining the ‘business world’.

I am sad to have come to end of my time at  Petersens, but I am grateful for all the help, guidance and experience that the people at Petersens have given me. I know that this placement has not only be valuable for my CV but valuable for my own knowledge of the career field I wish to go in to.  I send the best of wishes to the next student who gets to experience work in this fantastic company, I know that they will never be bored.

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