Further to my blog about ‘sweatworking a few months ago, I was delighted to read Claire Rees’s article in today’s Western Mail that at last a leisure centre in Swansea has introduced a new timetable, created to allow those healthy SME owners amongst us to have a lunchtime spinning of circuits session whilst conducting a business conversation!

Sweatworking: Will you be joining the trend?

I other SMEs are like me, business is often done post-training, in the changing room, cafe or bar. With time to precious for SME’s, a brief meeting with a business contact in the gym itself can result in the feel-good-factor for both parties before hitting the bar or cafe. It will be interesting to see what the business sector in Swansea make of this new facility!

While mentioning the time pressures experienced by most SMEs, it is worth noting another article in today’s paper. Rhodri Evans reports on an excellent campaign, “Real Life Entrepreneurs”, being launched by the Federation of Small Businesses. The campaign calls for our AM’s to spend a day with a local business in their constituency during the summer recess, for them to get a real understanding of how they function and the hurdles they face.

As I have also mentioned previously (see this blog post), if every one of Wales’ 124,000 microenterprises  (ie. those employing 1 to 8 staff) took on one extra employee, our unemployment levels in Wales would be dramatically reduced.

As an SME or microbusiness, I very much look forward to hearing how this campaign progresses. Perhaps one or more AMs would be prepared to meet their SMEs whilst undertaking a sweatworking session in their local leisure centre – although I am not sure how many could last the pace!

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