The importance of knowing who you’re working with

Posted: April 19, 2012 in Opinion, Petersens News
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As a registered supplier for PR services to supermarket chain Tesco, we have today completed as required a questionnaire on our business for Sedex, the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange.

As those who know me will acknowledge, I appreciate the importance of form filling and totally support the need to ensure that company supply chains contain no examples of corruption, unsafe business practices or environmental negligence, as these can seriously damage a company’s reputation and give a very negative PR image.

However it was a tour de force for me to complete the 20 or more sections in the Sedex questionnaire, with subjects from minimum hourly rates, to waste management covered. Sally was so impressed with my efforts that she even tweeted a picture of me looking very pleased with myself at the completion of my task!

Sally tweeted: "You know that feeling when you finally finish something you've been working on ALL DAY?!"

It is reassuring that however that major organisations such as Tesco really do monitor their supply chains, which can only benefit both the organisation’s profile, and those who purchase products from them.

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