No brainer on the Airport debate!

Posted: March 19, 2012 in Business/Cardiff News, Opinion
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As we all recover out composure following Saturday’s brilliant result for our rugby aces it is somewhat sobering to read

Fasten your seatbelts: Effective infrastructure is vital if Wales is to be a true player on the world map.

in today’s South Wales Echo of the Welsh Government’s report, showing that the New York air link could bring in 10,000 business visitors and boost exports by over £40 million.

I understand that the airport was very busy with excited French fans over the weekend. Why can the findings of this latest WG report not be used to further the cause for the investment needed to get this New York – Cardiff service up and running?

Sion Barry’s piece last week highlighted how non-direct subsidy of the airport could be a way around the EU problems identified. I really do think it is the role of the WG, its politicians and its civil servants, to find a way around this problem. Please do not let yet another report on the vital necessity of an international airport to the Cardiff region be allowed to gather dust in some library.

I am convinced that the psychological benefits to Wales, let alone the financial ones, from having a regular service from Cardiff to New York will help put Cardiff and Wales firmly on the world map. Can you imagine the publicity around a President of the United States arriving at Cardiff International Airport? Or the New York Yankees coming to play at the Millennium Stadium?

If Wales is to succeed on the world stage we have to get our transport infrastructure rights, and a successful airport is at the heart of this.

As our rugby heroes of last weekend have shown, we Welsh can beat anyone on the world on a level playing field. Unless we get our infrastructure and the airport right, we will never attract the inward investment which Wales so desperately needs to grow.

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