Renewed business confidence in Wales

Posted: February 22, 2012 in Business/Cardiff News, Opinion
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Isn’t it great to see the word “confidence” appearing once again in the business pages of our local media in Wales – and nationally. I fully endorse and support Robert Lloyd Griffiths, director of the Institute of Directors in Wales, who states in today’s Western Mail that ‘spirit and determination across Wales gave good reason for confidence’.

Feeling confident - Robert Lloyd Griffiths, Director of the IoD in Wales

Businesses have reduced costs, become leaner and sharper, and more innovative.

They must now invest in effective marketing if they are to capitalise on the first signs of economic recovery – not just in Wales but further afield as well.

Marketing expenditure has been the first cost item to be slashed in many organisations as times got tougher. But those who kept investing in this area will now reap the rewards.

Let’s hope that this new business confidence filters down to the general public, who ultimately determine when our recession will end. Once Joe Public feel that they can start spending on cars, homes, holidays, entertainment, clothes, as well as the bare necessities, we can truly say we are in recovery.


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