Is ‘sweatworking’ coming to Cardiff?

Posted: February 8, 2012 in Business/Cardiff News, Opinion, Uncategorized
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I was amazed this week to read of the latest work trend to hit the UK from the US.

Yes, it’s true, the idea of holding business meetings and making contacts while you work out has really taken off!

Dubbed ‘sweatworking‘, Fitness First and LA Fitness are already planning to trial spinning classes dedicated to networking.

It looks like this new trend could become a reality for those of us who use the gym to keep fit, followed by relaxing in the bar afterwards with a pint or two. Maybe that should be orange juice from now on – and a pair of dark glasses, so no client spots me doubled over, huffing and puffing!

Do you think it’ll take off here? After all, a round of golf or game of squash with a client or contact is not unheard of.  Maybe you are already networking while working out?

Beware Cardiff, business ‘sweatworking‘ is just around the corner. Dig out the trainers and gym kit, and be prepared!

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