This week, the Petersens team received some rather exciting news…

We have been shortlisted for a National Council for Work Experience award for the second year in a row!

These national awards, now in their ninth year, reward organisations who offer ‘outstanding placement opportunities’ to students and graduates.  Entries come from organisations of every size and in every sector across the UK, and this year the NCWE received a record-breaking number of entrants for all categories.

Having closely missed out on the award for ‘Work Placement of the Year: Under 10 employees’ in 2011, we are thrilled to have been shortlisted in the ‘Best Micro Enterprise’ category this year. And what a coincidence, having blogged about the importance of micro businesses like ourselves only last week!

These awards attract some major players across all aspects of UK business, with previous winners including BP, Peugeot, Barnardo’s and Tesco. We are delighted that the value of our own work experience placements has been recognised among their calibre.

I am myself a Petersens work-placement alumnus, having joined the team here through the Welsh careers service GO Wales. With the graduate market the way it currently is, I am a firm believer that work experience and internships have never been more important. Their increasing value has been repeatedly reported on in the media – and it’s a hot topic on my own graduate employment blog, What I Did Next.

I’m incredibly thankful to Petersens for the quality of the work experience they offer. I’ve been hands-on since Day One, an opportunity and a level of responsibility I’m not sure I’d get in other, larger agencies.

I’m so pleased that we’ve been shortlisted (again!) – a worthy recognition!

Thanks again to the NCWE for making us finalists. I’ll be sure to keep you all informed as to how we get on at the awards ceremony in March. Remember you can follow our Twitter account (@PetersensPR) for regular updates from all the team.

Wish us luck!


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