Recognising the role of micro-businesses in Wales

Posted: January 20, 2012 in Business/Cardiff News, Opinion
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A report published this week from the Micro-Business task and finish Group commissioned by Business Minister Edwina Hart shows clearly what many small business owners already know: that there is way too much bureaucracy surrounding current procedures for micro-businesses to tender for public sector work.

Business Minister Edwina Hart

Micro-businesses, like mine, account for 94.5% of all businesses in Wales and provide a third of private sector employment; some 331,400 jobs. If we were to be helped and encouraged to take on just one extra member of staff the result would be huge for Wales and for our economy.

I applaud both the authors of the report, chaired by Robert Lloyd Griffiths, and the Minister, who has agreed to “take forward” the recommendations and confirmed that a draft implementation plan would be published soon. I for one will be reading it with great personal interest.

  1. Lorraine A says:

    I agree with you completely. I’m involved in the UK wide #MicroBizMatters campaign trying to achieve a better and fairer life for the millions of micro-enterprises in the UK. We have launched Enterprise Rockers (, and e-petition ( to support each other and get the government to recognise that micro-enterprises are not part of some homogenous ‘SME’ tribe as well as educating bigger business how to be more micro-biz friendly.

    I’ve read the report from the Task and Finish group and feel heartened that finally at least in Wales the value and diversity of micro-enterprises is being acknowledged and really hope that the priorities identified will be turned into action across all parts of Wales. I like you will be reading the implementation plan with interest and hoping that for my colleagues and partners in the rest of the UK Westminster take notice of what Wales is doing for its micro-businesses.

  2. Rob Petersen says:

    Thanks Lorraine for your comments perhaps for a change its Wales who is leading the way in this such obvious way to help ease our employment problems and create jobs across so many sectors.Will support your campaign with vigour.Rob Petersen

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