Captain Scott and Muhammad Ali : Icons of the 20th century

Posted: January 18, 2012 in Business/Cardiff News, Events, Opinion
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Reading through the papers yesterday and viewing so many tributes to two great icons it made me realise what amazing men they were.

From totally different backgrounds they shared a unique blend of courage, tenacity, honesty and principle to be the ultimate human beings.

Yesterday marked both Ali’s 70th birthday and Scott’s achievement, 100 years ago, or reaching the South Pole. Would it not be wonderful if our children and grandchildren could study and strive to emulate these unique men?

Captain Robert Falcon Scott

If the world could produce a few more like Scott and Muhammad Ali, you wonder what influence they could bring – not just to their countrymen, but to the whole of the human race.

Happy 70th Birthday Ali.

Muhammad Ali

Finally, and in no way to diminish his epic trek, I must congratulate William McNamara, founder of the Bluestone Resort, who at 1am on January the 16th reached the South Pole himself, completing the so-called “Last Degree” of Captain Scott’s journey. 62 miles of trekking the Antarctic continent, unsupported, pulling 80kg of equipment!!

William McNamara

William, what a marvellous achievement – well done.

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